ABX.0148.19 Backing Pad Totem – Universal Sander

Code ABX.0148.19 Skeletime D.148 Pad Totem (Electric-Pneumatic)

One piece per pack

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Ultra light backing pad for Interface 45 in a package.

Pad Totem in combination with Interface 45 are designed primarily for the Car Refinishing sector, which generally has only one sander and has to work on different shapes and surfaces, requiring a wide range of different and fast applications in daily use.

Designed for short or medium sanding jobs attributable to this sector, to be combined with Interface 45.

Pad Totem is compatible with electric or pneumatic sanding machines.

Adapter kit is available for sanders with non-standard connections, such as Festool or Rupes

  • Combined with Interface 45, as a whole, it self-fits perfectly to profiles and surface shapes, with a considerable reduction of manual lwork.
  • Tear-off adhesive combined with Interface 45 for a long lasting bond.
  • Lateral recesses to facilitate quick centring and removal of Interface 45s, preventing accidental breakage.
  • Dust extraction technology, designed even for abrasive discs that are not perfectly aligned in the holes.
  • Low profile, designed for easy use of the Interface 45 system.
  • Prevents mechanical vibrations, which benefits the operator’s comfort and the sander’s durability.
  • Pad Totem has a long lifetime.

Sanding with the sander for the use of all abrasive grits, with fast execution on the replacement of the Interface 45 backing pads.

Car bodywork, or other sectors with equal demands.

  • Combine with Interface 45 system
  • Apply to the surface and operate the tool (it must not run idle).
  • For optimum performance, we recommend sanding machines with a 5mm orbit and smooth operation following the contour of the surface to be sanded, mixing wide vertical, horizontal and diagonal movements with medium-light pressure.
  • Use at medium tool speed, with Max 6000 RPM
  • If you want to preserve more of its original tear off adhesive, apply Interface Saver 1mm
  • If you want to use it as a normal backing pad, apply Insert Rubber 5mm for better balance.
  • If you only want to do ultra finishing on surfaces without waviness, apply Interface Foam 5mm
  • The Skeletime system uses the highest quality and strongest tear-off adhesives. If the product has difficulty detaching from the Pad Totem backing pad, it is necessary to use a spatula with a handle to insert between the tear-off adhesive and the velour and hold the edges of the backing pad tight, otherwise there is the risk to damage the Pad Totem backing pad.

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