Precise Sander Support for Vehicles

This sector is constantly looking for innovative solutions.

The Skeletime system solves the problems of the sanding world to obtain a perfect surface.

The exterior and interior coatings of cars, motorcycles and industrial vehicles are a harmonious combination of metal, plastic, composite fibres of various shapes and complex profiles.

Skeletime gives each treated material a functioning self-adaptation. It helps achieve perfect results on every shape and profile in record time.

Main technical benefits of the Vehicles sector

Thanks to its patent, you get already vacuumed polished substrates, less dust in the air and low contamination in painting. Even with discs not matching on the suction holes, it has excellent results

This is thanks to specific suction technology and its patented concept, which increases the contact surface of the backing/abrasive/surface.

For the same abrasive grit, it attacks and abrades the surface more but at the same time releases a more uniform surface with less roughness.

All tool-safe.

Thanks to its patent, the work it does is executive. Even though LED / UV light, everything is perfectly eliminated.

Thanks to its patent, the support of the abrasive does not wrap and does not ruin the workings.

Even in this extreme processing, it releases a perfectly smooth surface with no surface ripples.

Thanks to its patent, which increases the abrasive/surface contact surface, no high RPM is required to achieve optimum working speed. This means less mechanical vibration for the operator, less noise in the room, less overheating of surfaces, less consumption of abrasives, less energy consumption and much more.

The manual incisions (called scratches/scratches of abrasive) will be reduced, with the advantage of the superficial containment of the repair.

The Skeletime patent gives a better surface quality with the same grain size. The advantage is less wear on the surface and preserving the resistance of their structure.

The sanding curl created during this phase of work will be contained and clogging of the abrasives reduced.

Thanks to its patent, it enhances the abrasive on the removal of grinding marks and releases a better surface.

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Metals, plastics, composite fibers

Paints and derivatives

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