Performance Skeletime

The main Skeletime benefits:

Ease of use

The ease of use allows you to enhance the professional skills and technical skills of those who use it. In addition, the system can be used by anyone who, as a result, can immediately become a professional.

Less effort

Exploiting 100% of the potential of any sander on the market, Skeletime cuts down working time and at the same time, reduces physical fatigue.


It removes the use of traditional methods by more than 90%.


Skeletime adapts itself to all surfaces (flat, concave or convex). Thanks to its hard and flexible abrasive backing, it can be used on any sandable material and applied to any robotic or non-robotic sanding tool in all the sectors (marine, construction, bodywork, aerospace, etc).

Speed and time saved!

Work fast and save time! The perfect sanding of manufactured goods is sped up by at least 50%..


Thanks to its patent that makes it an eco-sustainable product, it considerably reduces sanding dust in the environment and the one deposited on surfaces.


It is adaptable to any sanding tool – robotic or not – and to be used in the nautical industry, construction, bodywork, aerospace etc.


By increasing the contact surface (abrasive/surface always in contact, even on curves), there is less consumption of abrasive. Skeletime ensures lower consumption of coating materials: the polished surface will be more refined by the scratches engraved, therefore less coating materials will be used to cover them.

Surface analysis tools

With equal sanders, brand of abrasive and grit size, the sanded surface is more finished and homogeneous, tool-proof.