Skeletime® System

A sanding support system designed for every industry. Save at least 50% of your working time and no dust.

Professional Product Line

SemiPrò Product Line

Patent Skeletime® System

The Skeletime® Interface 45 Professional product line and the Skeletime® Interface SemiPrò product line, combined with the Totem Pad, are an innovative system of sanding supports, with self-modeling steel skeleton unique in the world and patented, which combined with your sander and abrasive in use facilitates your daily work with a simple method.

Designed for your work needs in the sector Body Shop or industrial, both solutions reduced drastically yours labor force in addition to offering many other benefits, with amazing final results.

Performance Skeletime® System

Skeletime® transforms your sander and abrasive into a highly productive tool.

Skeletime® auto models the abrasive on the surfaces to be sanded and keeps it a hard support for the grinding of surface imperfections.

Skeletime® is a sanding that rectifies the surfaces but generates little pressure on the supports and also on the thin and weak sheets of the latest generation cars, allowing surprising results.

Skeletime®facilitates the operator even inexperienced to perfect sanding results, but enhances the skills of the professional.

Skeletime® completely aspirates the powders thanks to its self-modelling support that always remains in contact with the surface to be sanded.

Skeletime® self-modelling to the surface to be sanded avoids accidental damage on the artifacts.

Skeletime® avoids manual scratching with abrasive and dowels and allows you to contain the repaired spaces.

Skeletime® does not ruin the profile of the surfaces but recreates them perfectly.

Directly from your sander perfect surfaces as you work by hand and save time.

Skeletime® The Technical Difference

In traditional sanding Conventional sanding pads do not adapt to curved surfaces. Moreover, being made of loose materials (rubber or similar), planar surfaces do not offer optimal smoothing rigidity.

In the Innovative Skeletime® Sanding, the Interface 45 Skeletime® Professional and SemiPrò with support for the hard and non-yielding abrasive, adapt to concave, convex and planar surfaces in an ideal and efficient way.

Technical Operation of Skeletime®

Skeletime spreads the abrasive evenly over all the surfaces of the products to be sanded through a special independent steel sheet.
The foil creates an optimal condition for a hard support suitable for any work situation, recreating shapes without undulations and perfect edgesi.

Areas of use







An Innovation that Improves the Benefits of the Enterprise


Save Time

reducing the surface treatment times.


Saving Materials

By reducing the smoothed spaces, which will be limited to the repair only, with fewer working steps.


Energy Saving

Reducing the processing time we have a reduction in electricity costs

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