Main advantages in the Civil and Industrial/Healthcare Construction sectors

Work area contained only in the smoothed part.

Thanks to its patent, Skeletime adapts to the shapes created by the various fields of use of plasterboard. Always maintaining a hard abrasive support, it eliminates the stair junction panels and shapes it, eliminating unwanted surface undulations in the wall with Led spotlight test. Skeletime recreates or keeps intact edges, profiles, corners and much more!

Immediately bring the result to Q4 level of the UNI 11424 standard, with fewer work steps.

Thanks to its patent, dust extraction is total. The machined surface will be smooth and already vacuumed, eliminating the dust in the air.

Contains dust in paint materials when applied.

Even with abrasives not aligned on the holes, it holds exceptional suction.

Thanks to its patent, the abrasive is totally used and never wasted. With the same abrasive grain, it creates a more refined surface, with less use of abrasive materials and a greater velvety surface when the result is complete.

Thanks to its patent, the speed of execution of the abrasive on the metal support of Skeletime is total and the working phase is much faster.

Furthermore, Skeletime, adapting to the shapes of the surfaces, replaces many manual processes.

Thanks to its patent, fast-running Skeletime eliminates pairing defects of panels on jointed plasterboard very quickly.

Thanks to its patent, during the sanding phase of the grouting for its abrade leveling with a rapid executive effect, releasing a perfectly uniform surface both to the touch and visual and in record time!

At the same abrasive grain it offers greater support, it does not follow the surface undulations but eliminates them!

On many occasions it replaces the machine with a larger diameter disc, the so-called giraffe, offering equal or greater working speed, but with a lower working weight and less dust in the environment.

On curvilinear parts it self-adapts, eliminates unwanted surface undulations and offers the solution of not creating flattening or stairways.

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